A comprehensive approach to your health

WellAgeing offers a medical pathway that involves various specialists for your well-being.

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WellAgeing pathway

First WellAgeing visit
Anti-aging Check-Up
Results evaluation

WellAgeing Check-Up: a comprehensive and tailor-made analysis

Using advanced diagnostic technologies, WellAgeing conducts an in-depth check-up to monitor the overall health status of the person, evaluating:

  • Bones and muscles
  • Abdominal organs
  • Arterial vessels
  • Visceral and subcutaneous fat
  • Level of inflammation
  • Oxidative stress and free radicals
  • Hormonal profiles
  • Intestinal and vaginal microbiomes
  • Genetic and epigenetic testing

The results of the check-up will be shared with the patient to identify strengths and areas of risk.

WellAgeing Program: longevity itineraries

The indicators that emerged from the Check-Up will help build a tailor-made program of prevention, nutrition, physical activity, counseling, and medical therapies with periodical meetings to evaluate results and plan new objectives.

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WellAgeing® Nutrition

Our personalized nutrition program transforms your eating habits, from choosing products at the supermarket to preparing food in your kitchen and selecting menu items at restaurants. Our goal is to optimize your body weight, reduce visceral fat, detoxify and regenerate organs, and increase your energy levels.

WellAgeing® FIT (Frequency, Intensity, Type)

A Medical Fitness program aimed at optimizing and maintaining physical fitness and performance, without wearing out joints and avoiding oxidative stress and hormonal imbalances, which are the main causes of aging.

WellAgeing® Counseling

Our counseling program accompanies you in personal growth, helping you understand the new goals to be achieved and the difficulties to be overcome at every stage of life. We aim to overturn the traditional view of aging from "loss" to "transformation."

Intravenous Medical Therapies (IV Therapy)

An intravenous administration treatment of vitamins, minerals, and selected amino acids based on specific individual needs.

Systemic Ozone therapy (Intravenous)

A treatment to strengthen the body's defenses against free radicals, to rebalance the immune system, and improve energy levels.