Take care of who you will become

An innovative anti-aging medicine method that uses advanced technologies to slow down and reverse aging processes.

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Healthy Ageing:
live a full and active life at any age

Our mission is to help you stay healthy tomorrow by taking care of the person you are today. With the WellAgeing method, you can achieve an overall state of good health, improve your quality of life, and enjoy the benefits at every age.

  • Prevention
    of disease
  • Enhanced
  • Improved
    quality of life
  • Increased

Why choose WellAgeing

Thanks to the most advanced diagnostic techniques and an experienced medical team, WellAgeing places the person at the center of a personalized program that allows you to:

biological age

Assess the health of your cells and organs to avoid premature aging

the body

Strengthen your cardiorespiratory system, detoxify organs and optimize muscle mass to strengthen your bones

Slow down
aging process

Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, improve your energy and enhance mitochondrial functioning

Find the
right diet

Identify your nutritional deficiencies and gut microbiota to choose the optimal foods and nutraceuticals at every stage of life

sleep quality

Boost neuronal regeneration to increase your concentration and memory

sexual life

Rediscover the importance of the sexual dimension, with benefits for the body and affectivity education

The WellAgeing Medicine facility: hospitality, discretion, care

At the WellAgeing Medicine facility in Desenzano del Garda, Dr. Emanuela Perucchini and her team provide a comfortable and intimate atmosphere where you can feel at home.

Here we perform the WellAgeing Check-Up, a set of detailed medical exams, analyses, and diagnostic tests to build your personalized rejuvenation program.

Our partnership for your health

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the world leader in longevity medicine and care of the whole person, for 30 years.